About Us

* World Class Programing
* Functional Fitness
* Constantly Varied Workouts
* Qualified Coach Interaction Every Workout
* Competitive Organized Athletic Events
* Family Fun Atmosphere with Music
* Diet and Meal Preparation Support
* Sugar WOD App
* Interactive Website
* Auto Pay

Rio Bravo Valley CrossFit is a 3,750 square foot training facility located at 11000 Kern Canyon Road, off of Highway 178 near City in the Hills. We are the only CrossFit facility in East Bakersfield. We provide group coaching, using CrossFit methodology which is comprised of constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Provided daily is an hour long workout that is scalable to any fitness level. Rio Bravo Valley CrossFit is more than a gym. We are a community of support, encouragement, and education that will help you achieve your fitness goal.

We offer small group classes led by a certified trainer who will motivate you to perform at your best. Each class is designed to challenge you physically and mentally. We strive to bring elite fitness to all individuals, regardless of their current fitness level. Beware, we are not a globo-gym! We have no ellipticals, no smoothie bar, no mirrors, and no excuses!!! Just an intense workout designed daily to suit each individual's needs. It's not easy. You will leave each session feeling exhilarated and exhausted at the same time.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to expect more from your workout!
11000 Kern Canyon Road (view larger map)